Tree Service in Newburgh NY and Greater Hudson Valley

Serving Newburgh Residents

New York Tree Masters is expanding its presence across Hudson Valley and now provides tree service in Newburgh. New York. New York Tree Masters are family-owned and operated.  We have made it our mission to be provide high quality tree services in Newburgh, NY.  We  strive to give Newburgh the safe, cost-effective, and professional service they deserve.

Tree Service in Newburgh provided by New York Tree Masters

Tree Service in Newburgh, NY and Greater Hudson Valley by New York Tree Masters

Tree Service in Newburgh, NY and Greater Hudson Valley by New York Tree Masters

Our tree service in Newburgh covers full spectrum of vegetation services – tree and stump removal,  pruning; land clearing, emergency services, firewood sales. Depending on your needs – we have the right equipment, tools and expertise to deliver the best results. If you want a tree removed completely as if it never existed – we will cut it, shred it and eliminate its stump.

If you would like a view restoration done – we will prune the trees to a desired length and clean up all of the cut branches. If you need to clear your land to make it marketable or usable – we are here to help.

We are happy to discuss your specific situation. Each tree job is different and we are flexible to adjust to your specific needs.

Please contact us at 845-857-8000, email us at, or fill out the contact form to receive a free estimate for tree service in Newburgh or Greater Hudson Valley. We will be happy to stop at your site to discuss your needs and provide work estimates at no cost to you.

In addition to providing tree service in Newburgh area, we are happy to serve clients in Orange County and Greater Hudson Valley.

Most Frequent Questions asked by Newburgh Residents Regarding Tree Service in Newburgh that We Offer.

1. Do I need a permit to cut trees on my property in Newburgh?

According to General Legislation of Town of Newburgh, Chapter 83 – Clearing and Grading Section 6, the following items require a permit:

A. Site preparation within wetlands or within a one-hundred-foot buffer strip of a wetland.
B.  Site preparation within the one-hundred-year floodplain of any watercourse.
C.  Excavation.
D. Clearing.
E. Grading.
F. Filling.
G. Timber harvesting.

Please review Section 7 Activities Exempt From Permit Requirements  to determine if the work you need done falls into this category or better call us at 845-857-8000 for a free consultation and we’ll determine this for you.

Even if you don’t need a permit – we strongly suggest to hire professional services that are fully insured, have the right type of equipment and necessary expertise for the need at hand. If someone you hired damages your or someone’s property as a result of their work – you need to ensure that the damage is covered by their insurance and you are not liable.

New York Tree Masters is fully insured, has strong ties and references in local community and the necessary equipment to offer top notch tree service in Newburgh and larger Hudson Valley.

2. How do I determine that a tree close to my house in Newburgh, NY needs to be cut to avoid potential damage?

There are few obvious signs – the tree may be tilting towards your house after a storm or you see that a branch that is hanging over your roof is getting dry.  Read this article and see what applies to your situation.

However, only a professional can tell if there is a threat to your property from a tree. New York Tree Masters have this level of expertise from our extensive experience in tree services as well as from professional training that our staff attends every year held by best professionals in the country.  We are happy to stop by and do a free evaluation of tree service in Newburgh or Greater Hudson Valley that you may need.

3. Will my property in Newburgh look all messed up as a result of your work?

New York Tree Masters always cleans up after the job is completed. We have the right equipment to shred the branches and will remove the shredded wood from the premises. The larger logs will be stuck up at your land. They can be removed based on the agreed upon arrangement. We make it our objective to offer high quality tree service in Newburgh and leave the work site fully cleaned up. Please read the references of satisfied customers on our website and Facebook.

4. How to calculate how much firewood can a tree yield?

All type of trees produce same energy output as firewood per pound of weight. However, depending on the diameter and wood type per line feet of your tree – the output varies a lot.

We can measure your tree during our free estimation and depending on a tree type – make that determination leveraging the Log Weight Chart.

If you know what tree you’ve got and its height – you can make rough estimates yourself using the chart available here.

5. What tree service equipment do you have?

Among others New York Tree Masters has the following professional tree services equipment:

  • Ford 450 chipper truck
  • Toyota Tundra SR5
  • Vermeer Brush Chipper BC 1000 XL
  • Rayco Stump Grinder 1625 Junior
  • Ditch Witch mini skid steer 755 with log grapple
  • Built Rite professional log splitter 11HPWS
  • Husqvarna professional series saws

6. What Tree Services Training do you have?

New York Tree Masters have gone though intensive training by ArborMaster, one of the most reputable training organizations in the country for tree care professionals. We carry certificate of completion on climbing, chainsaw safety and precision tree felling technique as well as Arborist Rigging Applications for Climbers and Aerial Lift Users.



Honesty and reliability are ingrained in every team member and we guarantee our work to be of the highest quality. Our customers rely on us, and that’s why we provide references upon request. Feel free to explore our Facebook, Google + and References page to see what our clients have to say about the tree service in Newburgh and Greater Hudson valley that they received.