Tree Services

New York Tree Masters offer full variety of Tree Services in Hudson Valley.  We have extensive experience doing complex tree removals, pruning and stump removals; specialize in view restoration for houses located along Hudson River and other scenic places and are experts in after storm clean up.

Tree Services offered by New York Tree Masters

Tree Removal

No matter what the size, we can handle your tree removal job for your residential or commercial property. We employ a number of techniques to get rid of your “problem child”, from a basic takedown through speedlines or the Good Rigging Control System. This work is very dangerous, and can involve a high amount of risk. We’re not just talking taking a chainsaw to a tree trunk! All of our tree services are based on safety of our staff and clients.




Tree Pruning

We’ve all had those branches that hang over the house… you know, the one that swings around during a storm? If you’ve been worrying about a branch that is endangering your structure or driveway, we’ll take care of that hazard at a very reasonable cost that is sure to be less than property damage if it falls. Visit our Facebook and Google+ pages to see pictures and recommendations of happy customers satisfied by the tree sevices we provide.




Log Splitting and Storage


As part of our tree services – we’ll take the log or branches we’ve cut down and split them for you, giving you future fuel to heat your home or provide the first bonfire of the season. Our team will leave the wood to season so it won’t go to waste. We also deliver fire wood to your home.




Stump Grinding

Tree Services by - Stump Grinding

Mowing around tree stumps is time-consuming and can be dangerous. Not to mention, they just aren’t pretty on your beautiful lawn! Call us at 845-857-8000 for stump grinding, the  most efficient method for ridding your property of these nuisances with little to no impact on the ground around it. All you’ll have left is a small pile of dirt and tiny wood chips which we’ll clean up before leaving. Cleaning up the site after we are done with work – is the integral part of all tree services we provide.




Emergency Services | Storm Clean up

Broken evergreen tree in the forest.One of the worst parts of inclement weather is the branches, trees, and debris that get blown around. If your yard is a mess after a thunderstorm, high winds, microburst, or blizzard, give us a call at 845-857-8000 and we’ll clean up your property so it looks as good as, or better than, before the bad weather happened.





Land Clearing

If you are trying to sell your property or have a need to clear large areas – New York Tree Masters offer very affordable solutions that will make your land marketable and useful. Call us for free estimates at 845-857-8000.